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We work with you to develop or confirm of your growth strategy so as to guarantee the sustainability of your business.

Strategic expertise

As a first step, we focus on the performance of the business model, the sustainable competitive advantage and the scope of your activities. We draw on a vast network to mobilize highly specialized technical and scientific partners to access your R & D activities and innovations.

We then provide expert support to business leaders and their teams to help them with the diagnosis, choices and successful implementation of their strategic projects. We combine our multi-dimensional consulting expertise with our corporate management experience to, guide our client through a successful makeover.

Financing strategy

 This strategy most often leads to the selection and implementation of external financing. The vision, objectives and strategy must be clearly defined before tackling the issue of means ans resources.

A (private or public) third investor will try to guage the company and will then have to be convinced of its ability to grow.

We also have extensive expertise in charting business plans. These play a decisive role in the assessment of the necessary financing and in the valuation of the company - a mainstay for defending the interests of your shareholders.

All our services


We work with you on the development or validation of your growth strategy, guaranteeing the sustainability of your business.

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To help our clients exercise the strategic and financial levers of their growth, we have specialized in integrated financing solutions.

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We advise and assist you in setting up the most appropriate management systems to meet the requirements of your company and investors.

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The INNOVITY team brings together experienced practitioners in companies, with varied and very complementary profiles.



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